Friday, October 3, 2008

Smile :)

After many years of wishing for braces and being embarrassed at her crooked smile, Jessica finally got braces. Don’t you love the purple bands? Jessica takes after her mother in having a small jaw and not enough room for her teeth. But instead of pulling teeth (like they did to me) she is getting her jaw expanded.

The “expander” should be called the torture device. She has to put a tool into a small hole in the center of the device and turn the screw that pushes the bands and her teeth apart widening her upper palate. At first it was once a day, now she has to do it twice a day! With all that equipment in her mouth she is having a hard time speaking clearly. She sounds like she has a mouth full of mush – but no, it’s a mouth full of a metal torture device.

She’s excited though, because she can already see some movement in her teeth. She smiles bigger now than she ever did before the braces. We can hardly wait to see the beautiful straight smile she deserves!


Trudi & Gary said...

Great improvements since we were little! I always felt sorry for you having to wear the head gear to bed, but you always did so with a smile and a great attitude, looks like the great attitude wore off on your daughter!
Proud of her,

Cindy Quick said...
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Cindy Quick said...

Jessica - we are so excited for you!! Wow doesn't look very fun - but it will be so worth it - and you ARE WORTH it! We love you tonz can't wait to see the changes that take place now!