Sunday, January 11, 2009

Best Deal of the Year (so far)

I'm Scotch - literally and figuratively. My husband says my ancestors invented copper wire by stretching pennies. So it's no surprise that I love the after-Christmas sales. I love it when the sales get to 90% off. I got Melissa a Christmas shirt at Target for 75 cents and was feeling pretty good about my deal. Until I saw Anthony's deal.

Ok, so our toilet seat broke. Not a great subject for a blog entry, but just wait. So Anthony went to the store to get a new one. He went to Smith's Marketplace because it was close. He was looking at the choices and Melissa was begging for the soft cushy pink one or the clear one that looked like it had water and fish in it. THANKFULLY, he resisted her pleadings and went for the normal cheap plastic seat. But they were all gone. He looked above the shelves (he's 6'6" - he can do that) and it just so happened that there was one box up there. He said it looked like the same one as the display, so he took it to the cashier to buy it. She rang it up - and said it would be 4 cents. Yep, that's not a typo - four cents! She then decided that must be a mistake so she called the manager over. The manager found that it was a discontinued model and they weren't even supposed to have any left in inventory - yet there it was. They had to charge something for it and since it rang up at 4 cents - that's how much they had to give it to him for. So he paid the 4 cents and brought the toilet seat home.

When he told me - I could hardly believe it. I was laughing pretty hard until I saw the receipt. Then I laughed even harder. Not only did it cost just 4 cents - but he actually SAVED 3 CENTS! This was so great I just had to share the best deal of the year so far (and it's not even my Christmas left overs at 90% off)!


Phil said...

Wow! how much would they charge for the full toilet? Nice deal. I need to take a 6 foot 6 guy with me to the store more often.

jen1313 said...

WOW! I mean really WOW! That is totally unbelievable. Awesome!

Cindy Quick said...

This story just cracks me up! It never ceases to amaze me what kind of deals Anthony gets. Now this one is one that he didn't even have to try for - how AWESOME is that!! Love it - glad you shared!!

TheChapman5 said...

Unbelievable!!! That is just amazing, great and very funny!
Thanks for sharing.
Wish we could of gotten in on a deal like that when we had to buy a seat. Thanks for sharing.