Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Braces!

Jeremy has a tooth that is tipping over sideways. We didn't worry about it too much since his teeth seem so straight and nice otherwise. But I just kept feeling like all wasn't well. Now this bottom front tooth is pushing his top tooth out of place. So this time when I took Jessica and Melissa to the Orthodontist for their regular appointment, I brought Jeremy along.

The dontist looked him over and told us it was good we brought him in - his front bite is so straight and flat his top teeth completely close over his bottom teeth so you can't see his bottom teeth at all - and they are not so slowly grinding each other down. Eventually his teeth will be so thin that they will crack and break off until all he has left are stubs!

So, yes, I now have to have my third child in braces, and he has to have a bite plate to correct his bite and prevent his teeth from further damage until they start to move to where they belong. Nice?

I don't know about you, but money just seems to be flying out of my bank and into my kids mouths . . . and house. Ugh!

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