Friday, February 10, 2012

New Year New Callings

For the last 10 years I have had the same calling at church - making and handing out the Sunday sacrament meeting programs.  That has not been my only calling, but it has been the longest lasting.  At the same time I also had the callings of information specialist (I suspect that was a made up job that included making the ward directory, flyers for firesides and other activities, the yearly lesson schedules, ward calendar and anything else they could think up - don't get me wrong, I loved it), choir director, ward music chairman and of course visiting teacher all at one time.

I think I loved being choir director the most.  Over five years I progressed fromg leading choir like I would lead sacrament meeting, to really learning how to lead dynamics, pauses, breaks, etc, to actually arranging some music for the choir.  It has been a lot of work, but it's been a lot of fun and my reward was always our Christmas program.  I know I'm really going to miss it, but now it's someone else's turn.

Over the last month I have been released from all five of my callings and given one new calling.  The Bishopric told me they had to call three different people to replace me and the Ward directory is online.  That made me feel pretty good and well appreciated which was nice.

My new calling is 2nd Councilor in the Young Women's presidency.  I have never been in the Young Women before and am a bit overwhelmed.

I'm not the only one with a new calling, Anthony was recently released from his callings as Employment Specialist and Ward Missionary and was called as the Sunday School President.  He is really enjoying his calling and is working very hard to do all he can.

Jeremy also received a new calling just before the new year as Assistant to the Bishop.  And Melissa will shortly be graduating from Primary and will start going to Young Women's.  I hope she will like having me in there with her.  So far Jeremy has found it "weird" to have his mom at mutual with him - lucky for him it's only once a month during combined activities.

Jessica has also recently had a change - of employment.  She is now a nanny, taking care of two young children and a 6 week old baby.  This is VERY new for her.  She never did much babysitting as a teenager except for a few times for cousins, so this is a brand new experience for her.  I hope it will be a good one.

Well, there's nothing as constant as change!

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Pam said...

Welcome to the world of YW. I think the Beehives are the best. They are still so enthusiastic about nearly everything you do. is my best friend for YW ideas, and of course

Good luck to you all with your changes!