Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lagoon Again!

Our company summer party this year was at Lagoon, to the children's delight.  This year Melissa was much more brave.  We had already gone to Lagoon on my birthday in June, and she had tried a few new rides and had a lot of fun.  So this time she tried even more rides.

She rode the Rocket, the Jet Star, the Air Race, even the Samurai!!!  But she just couldn't bring herself to ride the Colossus.

We were also able to get half price tickets for any family members who wanted to come.  Some of Anthony's sisters and their kids were able to come and have fun with us.  Jeremy and Melissa were delighted to have cousins to ride with.

(Melissa and two of her aunts.)

We even had a couple of extra tickets to dinner that Jessica and Nate couldn't use, so two of the cousins were able to eat with us.

It wasn't very crowded, so we were able to take some time and go over to Pioneer Village and walk around.  Melissa had never seen any of it.  She was not very impressed, but I was amazed at the things they had on display.  I had a very nice time there.  Her favorite thing was getting ice cream.

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