Sunday, January 20, 2013

She Put the Music in Me

On my way home from driving Jeremy to work this morning, I turned the radio to FM 100 because I know they play "soft Sunday sounds."  I heard a song that touched me so much, that I had to look it up on YouTube as soon as I got home.

The words of this song could have been written for me, in fact I wish that I had written it.  Then as I watched the video, I just started to cry.  I realized this young woman just lost her mother last year to cancer and wrote this song as a tribute to her.  I could make a video very much like this, and the tears flow as I think of the videos and pictures I see in my mind from my childhood of my Mom singing, teaching me and my sisters to sing, singing to and with children all through her life - very much like this:

Then I realized that tomorrow is the anniversary of Mom's birthday.  I am so thankful that Mom taught me all the songs this song refers to and a multitude more.  She gave me music, she taught me to sing, she gave me the confidence to learn and perform.  She gave me the joy that music has brought and continues to bring into my world.

I miss her.

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