Saturday, March 24, 2012

Arise and Shine YW Activity

Well, it seems that planning for Young Women activities has taken over my thoughts.  I am always browsing for ideas for activities or handouts.

We just had an activity on the "Arise and Shine Forth" theme for this year.  I showed the video and music video that the Church produced, then I talked to the girls about what a "standard" is - something to look up to, like a flag or banner that stands for something.  I brought examples like the American Flag (our standard of liberty) and a homemade "Title of Liberty" and we discussed Moroni's "Title of Liberty" from the Book of Mormon.  I also had a pennant banner like for a birthday party - something that helps people find their way to a party.

Then I had them make their own "standard" or banner for our "Arise and Shine Forth" theme for the year that they could look to and remember what they should stand for.  I used the symbol from the music video, a couple I found online and one I made.  Then we added glitter and the garland to make them cute.
Then I encouraged them to make additional pennants with ideas of what they could do to "shine forth".

When they were finished, I had them write their testimony on a card and tie it to a balloon which we took outside and let "arise" and "go forth" to the nations.

I think the girls enjoyed the activity, and I think that the ideas got through.  It took an amazing amount of time to create and prepare for one little hour of presentation, but I hope it was worth it.

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