Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Favorite Version of Jingle Bells

Christmas music is the best!  I love it in all it's varieties.  I have loved singing Christmas songs and carols with my family, school choirs and church choirs.  I have enjoyed putting together Christmas programs and choosing Christmas music for my ward choir when I was the director.  I even "transcribed" a piece of music that we could not find the music for anywhere.  It was an arduous task of listening to the music bit by bit and writing down the notes that I heard for all four parts.  When I was able to actually sing that piece of music with my sisters, it was my favorite Christmas moment of all.

One of my favorite Christmas songs is "Jingle Bells."  There are so many versions of Jingle Bells, once I put together my own mix (on cassette tape) of about 10 different tracks of just Jingle Bells.  My favorite version was one by Bing and his son Gary Crosby from my LP (that's a long playing vinyl record) "Happy Holidays with Frank and Bing," called "Jingle Bells in Swing."  Check it out!

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