Monday, August 18, 2008

Anthony White, Magician

Anthony has been performing magic shows for kids for the past 10 years for birthday parties, libraries and school shows - just as a hobby. Now he has decided to try magic as his full time endeavor. He is actually a really good comical kids show magician, and he'd love as much word of mouth business as he can get. Please check out his website at Oh, and Anthony now has a live bunny for the act! It's an all black mini velveteen bunny, and his name is Puff the Magic Rabbit!


Cindy Quick said...

I've perused your website and must say I'm very impressed. Fun pictures, great layout, great sales pitches! Love it and am excited that you are following your passion - tricky but so rewarding! Love you guys!

Trudi & Gary said...

Kathleen, love the site you made for Anthony's magic. I would add a 30 second to 2 minute video (embedded youtube) so folks can see him in action.
So glad to catch up with you again - I can't believe your whole family is blogging (just got to work on Rosalie). What's the secret, I need to get Angie, Mom, and Dan involved - any tips?
Love you, your cousin Trudi