Sunday, August 31, 2008

End of Summer

Every Memorial Day Anthony's family had a tradition of going to the Zoo. I found out shortly after Jessica was born. They said we were expected to participate and continue the tradition. Jessica was exactly three weeks old! But I was a good wife and bundled up my newborn (it was cold for the end of May that year) and headed out to join the family at the Zoo.

Every year since, we have faithfully attended with the family. But a couple of years ago, they decided they were tired of going to the zoo and wanted to do something different, but we didn't actually DO anything. The next year fell through as well. This year we got rained out, so we went to the movies instead. Well Melissa has not had as many chances to go to the zoo as all the older cousins who are bored with it, so I promised her we would go on Labor Day with or without the cousins. But when we heard it was going to rain on Labor Day too, we decided to go yesterday so we wouldn't miss our chance. Jessica had to work and none of the cousins wanted to join us, so we went without them!


Trudi & Gary said...

Kathleen, what a great idea, we love the zoo too. Thanks for sharing your pictures, we haven't been to your zoo yet looks like a fun place. :-)

(your cousin) Trudi & Gary

Cindy Quick said...

What a great family tradition! I'm glad you shared it - we really need to start making family traditions like this!!