Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jessica and the Car

Jessica finally decided she had to have her own car! She got used to having her own car when I got my own car and let her drive my Dad's silver Toyota wagon that he had given me and had driven for years. When that car was almost dead (everything but the engine), I sold it and she was without car. She would have to ask to borrow one of our cars which got very difficult when Anthony started having a lot of shows in October and December and there wasn't a car available. She learned to take Trax to work, but didn't like bumming rides with her friends all the time to "hang out."

So she looked for a car. She wanted a cute, sporty, fast, cute car. I told her in her price range her requirements should be that is runs and is cheap. Well, she found a Toyota Celica, two door cute little car that had been turboed (that word just looks wrong). It was fast, it was cute, it had a deck (I found out that's a really expensive awesome stereo/cd/mp3 player), and it was cool. It was black (actually really dark navy blue) and looked very much like this one:

She had it exactly 10 days before she totalled it. She was coming down the freeway off ramp at 1300 South and was going through the light and right back up the onramp to get back on the freeway because that wasn't the exit she wanted. Evidently the combination of her going too fast, the steep slope and incline of the road, a dip or chuck hole in the road, and the fact that her car was chopped (closer to the ground than normal) - she bottomed out and was thrown to the side of the road impacting a UDOT utility box. She was unharmed, but the car was a total loss. Luckily she got the car for less that it's value, so the insurance coverage minus her $1000 deduction will pay for the car plus about $500.

She's already bought another car, though this one I think she's paying about $1000 too much for, a Nissan Sentra. Oh well, not my decision. I just hope she gets this one paid for before she wrecks it.

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