Monday, November 7, 2011

Moments Remembered from 2010

While trying to remember what I should have blogged about during the past year, I couldn't remember very much.  We didn't go on vacation, we didn't even go camping with the White family this year.  There were no real stand out moments or events.  But I knew we must have done something worth remembering, so I looked back at the pictures I took.  Then I started remembering . . .

How could I not have blogged about Melissa breaking her leg?!  Last November Melissa found a short skate board that had been abandoned in the neighborhood and decided that she would learn to skateboard.  Yep, she lost her balance and fell off twisting her foot as she went down.  At least we thought it was just twisted or sprained.  When she complained that she couldn't walk because she hurt so bad she didn't want to go to school, we decided to take her to the Instacare to get it checked out.  The x-ray showed two twist fractures just above her ankle and they sent her home in a splint.

After about a week in the splint, she got a hot pink cast and a pair of crutches. But it was so hard for her to get around on the crutches, she traded them in for a wheelchair (her grandma had an extra travel wheelchair that she loaned Melissa for the three weeks she had to be off her foot).  The wheelchair made it so much easier for Melissa to get around and the kids at school liked pushing her around in the chair and being her special helper.  Melissa loved being waited on hand and foot!

After three weeks she got the cast off and was able to use a walking boot. She didn't need the chair and only needed the crutches for about a week. Then she was able to walk in the boot with no crutches for another couple of weeks.  After a little more than three weeks in the boot, she was done! I still can't believe how fast she healed!

We spent Thanksgiving with the White family and after dinner we played the candy bar game. The day after Thanksgiving we got together with the McFarlane family at Jennifer's house and watched the BYU/Utah game. Utah won!  It was awesome.  Too bad I didn't get a picture of Pam's whole family wearing their BYU shirts and the rest of us in red!

Christmas Eve with the McFarlane family was at Pam's house with dinner and the traditional talent show and dress up nativity and presents for the grandkids.

Then we continued to Grandma White's house for more presents.  Then we went home and each opened one gift before bed.  Christmas Eve is a long day!  But it's a great day.

Now I'm looking forward to the holidays this year.  I should take better pictures.

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