Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Moments Remembered from 2011

There were some events I'd like to remember from this year that I am just now getting around to blogging about.  First we celebrated Easter this year with my family (unfortunately minus Pam's family) at Cindy's house where we had lunch and then our first annual Easter Egg Bash.  We decorated eggs and then rolled them two at a time to see whose egg would hold up the longest without getting cracked or dented.  There were some accused of making cheater eggs with glitter glue and plastic shrink wrap, but it turned out that a plain old colored egg by Melissa was the winner!

 [videos to be inserted later]

We celebrated the Fourth of July with my family at Sandy City with the parade, picnic dinner, entertainment and fireworks (unfortunately minus Cindy's family).  We had lots of fun.

My company party this year was held at Lagoon on August 17th.  We got 2 free tickets, free parking, free catered dinner at one of the pavilions, and discounts on extra tickets.  All Jeremy wanted for his birthday was to go to Lagoon, and since we got such a good deal, we took the family - Jessica and Nate even came.  Turned out that Anthony's family planned to go to Lagoon the very same day!

I haven't been to Lagoon in many years and was amazed as how much it has changed.  I also couldn't believe how grown up Melissa was, she went on tons of stuff, even the Terroride.  But her favorite ride was the Screamer. 

Jeremy's birthday is close to two of his cousins in the summer and Anthony's mom decided to have their party together and celebrate at Payson Lakes on August 20th.  So we made the drive and after some searching, found the family and set up our screen house and had a picnic lunch.  This kids swam in the lake and played for a couple of hours.  Just as we started to clean up, we got rained on - a total downpour which lasted just long enough for us to get our stuff taken down and packed in the cars - and get completely soaked.  Oh well, the kids had fun - and that was as close to camping that we got this year.

I though this picture was a great shot of the lake, the shoreline and the mountains -
about as good a "photographer" as I get.

Anthony's family has had a tradition that the whole family - all her kids and grandkids go to the Zoo together every Memorial Day.  They evidently went for years before I married Anthony, and we have been every year since then.  Imagine my surprise when I was told the first Memorial Day after we were married that we were expected to bring our brand new little 3 week old baby and go to the Zoo!  Well I was obedient and have been every since.

However, the last three years they decided they didn't want to go to the Zoo anymore, we went to a movie instead.  Well, Melissa didn't get to go as much as the other grandkids who were older and she missed that tradition.  So this year we decided to go by ourselves - just our family and we went on Labor Day instead.  Jessica and Nate came too and we had a lot of fun.  How do you like my three BIG kids on the little kiddie playground?

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Cindy Louhoo :) said...

Love your new update. Love the picture of Melissa on the lake too - nice shot. Missed the 4th of July with you guys it looked fun. Looks like you made some great memories.